Cactus Radio features a large selection of live, acoustic, demo, and studio tracks from various power pop, emo, and otherwise alternative artists.

Every one of our more than 5,000 songs is in low rotation, so you won't grow tired of hearing the same songs over and over again!

You will need an installed streaming audio player to listen.

We need your unused bandwidth!

Does your home DSL or Cable connection sit idle while you are at work?  Does your company have extra bandwidth?

We'll gladly trade audio and banner advertisements for bandwidth.  The setup is easy on your part and the bandwidth only gets used when necessary.

Let us know if you can help us reach more listeners!


Cactus Radio - 101.9 FM • Tempe, Arizona U.S.A.


Cactus Radio is ASCAP and BMI licensed through partners.
Cactus Radio does not broadcast songs licensed by SESAC or RIAA/SoundExchange.

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