You can support Cactus Radio in several ways:


Just listening to Cactus Radio helps us!  Our advertisements have to be heard in order for us to get paid for running them!  And, the more listeners we have, the more other potential listeners will take notice.  While Cactus Radio does not aspire to be everyone's favorite radio station, we know that we need to attract a little attention in order to reach new music fans!

Take The Survey

Our listener survey provides us with information to serve you better.  It also helps us show our advertisers what interests our listeners.  While we never share your individual answers with anyone, we do add up everyone's answers to get an overall understanding of our listeners preferences.

Send Feedback

Hear a song you love...or hate?  Let us know!

Want to hear an artist or a song on Cactus Radio?  Let us know!  We are always interested in new music!

Tell A Friend

If you like what you hear on Cactus Radio, tell a friend or two!  Word travels fast with music fans!  (But, please don't spam people or mailing lists!)


Some of our pages on Cactus Radio have banner advertisements.  We hope they don't get in your way.  If you see an advertisement that interests you, please click on it.  Your information is not captured by clicking on the advertisement.  You will not receive e-mail...unless you request it.  Clicking on the advertisements helps Cactus Radio in that we receive a tiny fee from the advertiser for each click.

Get Linked

If you have a web site for a band (even a fan site), we'd like to link to your site.  Click here for details.  If you have a personal web site and would like to link to us, we'd certainly appreciate it.  Click here for ready-made banners and HTML you can pick from.

Get Played

If you would like to get your band's music played on Cactus Radio, click here for details.

Supply Bandwidth

Because we want to reach more listeners, we're always looking for more bandwidth!  Does your home DSL or Cable connection sit idle while you are at work?  Does your company have some bandwidth to spare?  If so, let us know.  We'll gladly trade audio and banner advertisements for bandwidth.  The setup is easy on your part and the bandwidth only gets used when necessary.  And, when we do need to use your bandwidth, just think about how many more people are hearing your advertising message!


Cactus Radio reaches many music fans.  And, thanks to the listeners who are kind enough to complete our short survey, we have a pretty good idea about what our listeners are interested in.  Advertising on Cactus Radio allows your message to reach a very specific demographic.  Contact our Advertising Director for more information.

Direct Support

Some of our listeners have asked if they could send in a few dollars to help us pay the bills. How very generous! If you would like to do so, please click on the button on the right. You can use a major credit card or funds from your PayPal account.

We greatly appreciate your support!