Because of his increasing frustration with high-repetition corporate radio, Steve Panhorst created panhorst.net/radio.  Built from countless live and acoustic performances, he carefully scrutinized every song and selected only his favorites.  It became his remote stereo that he could listen to while at work.

Other music fans stopped by and found that they liked the tunes!  As the days and months went by, Steve reviewed more songs, with the play list increasing to more than 2,000 songs.  He expanded the broadcast to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Steve also added functionality to the web site so that listeners could request and rate songs and also get a peek into the studio.

An increasing amount of music fans stopped by and listened for longer and longer periods of time.  It was time for a new name, a new web site with even more features, and some additional help.

Cactus Radio:  It has the same great music that panhorst.net/radio started with...plus a lot of new tunes that the staff have been adding!  It has an on-air schedule that features several different DJs and specialty shows.  The station is more interactive than ever and it continues to respond to the desires of its audience.

So, thanks for listening!  Please give us some feedback!  We hope you enjoy the music!