Get Played

At Cactus Radio, we are always interested in hearing new music.  If you have suggestions, (legal) MP3s, or promotional CDs, we'd love to give them a listen.

Will we play your song?  Well, it depends on if we like it!  The staff of Cactus Radio don't pretend to be music experts, but we know what we like and we know what our listeners enjoy.  So, send it in and we'll see...

For artist or song recommendations, simply make a request.  If it is an unknown band or obscure songs and there are legal MP3s available, please tell us where we can find them.

If you'd like to send us a CD of your band's songs, please send it to:

Cactus Radio
411 West Buena Vista Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284-5221

Before you send in your material, though, maybe you should check our top 10 list below.  We do play some artists' songs that break these "rules", but not very many...

Top 10 Reasons That Artists And Songs
Get Left Off The Cactus Radio Play List

  • The CD cover and liner notes have numerous pictures of their scantily clad female lead singer, who not coincidentally doesn't play an instrument or write the songs.

  • The song's chorus is just the same lyric repeated four times in a row.

  • The first words of the song are the song's title.

  • The song uses an excessive amount of keyboards or strings just to make the song sound "bigger".

  • The singer screams, speaks, raps, grunts, sings in a different (or made up) language, or uses more effects on his/her voice than the band uses on their guitars.

  • All of the songs are about love or relationships.

  • The lyrics rhyme the same word with itself (especially if that word is "things") or the normal pronunciation of words are altered so that they rhyme.

  • The same distinctive word or phrase is sung more than 20 times in a song, even if it is sung with a different inflection.

  • The band name or the song title contain intentional misspellings or numbers substituted for non-numeric words, such as "2" for "to" or "4" for "for".

  • The words or phrases "uh huh", "oh", "yeah", "oh yeah", "baby", "oh yeah baby", "la la la", "yahoo", or "ye-haw" make up a significant part of the lyrics.